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error 2130970883



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this is the only reference I have seen to that error:




maybe try disabling or removing the drive as suggested and then rebooting. may also want to install DVDit Pro HD after you already have the drive installed.


Thanks. Hey, just a thought. Do you think it may have something to do with the disc itself (since it happens almost at the end of burning.) It's a phillips DVD+R


I meant a blank phillips DVD+R

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could be. why don't you output a volume our ISO image first and then you can burn that to disc. DVDit allows you to burn to disc from either of those...you can also use a freeware utility like IMGBRN to burn an ISO image to disc


Thanks. I'll try that but I'm hoping its the blank discs (even though my writer writes to all the different media (+, -, ram). These DD disc are expensive though and hard to get right now (at a reasonable price)

Mayby I'll try a DVD-R.

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