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Burning multiple DVD copies



Hello there!


I am a newcomer to Roxio community and I need your help using EMC 10...


How can I create (burn) multiple copies of a myDVD project?


After finishing myDVD project I ticked the option "burn to disc" and after the encoding process my DVD was ready...O.K., but when I tried to burn another DVD disc it begun to re-encode again spending the same time!


How can I avoid re-encoding if I wish to burn 4-5 copies of the same (myDVD) project?


Should i use (tick) the option "Create folder set" instead?...If yes, where can I find a detailed description of this procedure?


Any tutorials available?


Thanks in advance..

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When it comes time to burn, choose the option to burn to the hard disk and let it 'save as' a .iso (or .c2d or .gi) file. This is an image file of the disc ready for burning


Just double click that file after completion and it will create the DVD

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