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Spin Doctor Crashing



I am having problems with Spin Doctor on Mac Book Leopard using Toast 8.3

Spin Doctor bundled with it is v4

I have no other software that would conflict as Macbook & Toast 8 was purchased only for converting Vinyl LP to Digital ......

when recording an LP

it goes till the finish button comes up and as soon as you select that it crashes and message box says unexpectedly quit

then you have to recover all the tracks

then when you recover it does not have all the tracks ie 5 out of 6

can anyone please help advise

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At the bottom left of the Recording Assistant choose the Advanced Mode. It gives you a window where you can more easily see all your set up for recording. Now go to System Preferences and choose the Sound panel. Make sure the audio input that's selected there is the same as the one selected in Spin Doctor. It should work.


You mention that not all the tracks appear. However, at the point the Finish button is clicked the entire recording is only one track unless you also marked the box to auto-define tracks. What should have happened is that Spin Doctor writes a waveform and then activates the track marking. No actual tracks are created until you export the file to iTunes or Toast. It's all just one audio file.


By the way, in the Waveform & Tracks preferences I recommend unchecking "Limit zoom range to improve performance." I need the additional zoom range to more precisely make my track start and end points. I also always manually mark tracks rather than use Spin Doctor's automatic selection. I have to go over all the tracks any way to correct the places Spin Doctor guessed wrong.

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