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An Open Invitation to Roxio



I am confused and looking for Roxio to go on record and clarify the status of Toast 7 and Popcorn 2 updates relative to Mac OS 10.5-Leopard.


On these boards, you will find posts form Roxio to the effect that Toast 7 and Popcorn 2 will be updated for Leopard but they were addressing Toast 8 and Popcorn 3 first. Those latter programs were fixed a few weeks ago and as recently as last week Roxio advised me on the phone that updates for the older programs would be out soon.


On Wednesday, however, I received the following from Roxio:


A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (#XXXXXX)

Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support

there are no plans on patching Toast 7 to be compatible with Leopard. You will need to upgrade to Toast 8.


The Roxio Agent did not address Popcorn 2. If I need to upgrade to Popcorn 3 or Toast 8, then I will make a decision to do so. On the other hand, I do not want to upgrade only to find out the patch(es) are going to be released.


I am not posting here to complain. I am posting here so Roxio tells us loyal customers (I previously upgraded to Popcorn 2 from 1 and to Toast 7 from 6) what the plans are so I can make an informed decision. I previously did not upgrade because the new features are not that important to me. The lack of Leopard compatibility, however, is another thing.


I have read I can “downgrade” to Popcorn 2.0 which I suppose is an alternative but having the full story would certainly help decide what to do.


I am posting this on the Popcorn 2 and Toast 7 Boards.

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I purchased Popcorn 2 2 weeks before Popcorn 3 came out. Roxio would not provide a free upgrade. If Roxio does not provide an update for this product so that it runs on Leopard...I will be seriously upset!


So far from the posts customer services does not appear to be addressing this issue.



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I am curious to know how long it may take to come up with this patch. Leopard has been out to the public for over a month and must have been available to Developers for at least a year.


Is it true that Roxio hires on new developers for every new version of their software thus making it difficult to provide patches in situations like this?



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Guest ivanatrox

As stated in the pinned topic "Roxio, Leopard and Toast 7", an update for Toast 7 will be released to address compatibility issues on Leopard. I'm sorry for the misinformation you were given and I will take action to correct it.





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Not to be a pain but its been a week since...


patatrox Posted Dec 6 2007, 01:49 PM

The Toast 7 updater was released yesterday and we expect Popcorn 2 to be released in the next few days.


Thanks all for your patience.


...and a month and a bit once this all started.


Any updates?



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