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Is Toast 8 JAM Red Book Compliant?



I want to create a CDR for commercial audio glass master replication. This must include P and Q subcode information, including ISRC info, etc., etc.


I believe with previous versions of JAM this was possible. However, I have heard nothing about Toast 8 boasting Red Book Compliance with the newest included JAM software.


Can anyone tell me with certainty if newest Toast/JAM is red book compliant?


Since I'm mixing down audio in protools and running on intelmac, my alternative to burning software would be Bias Peak LE, but rather go with Toast/Jam, IF it can do what Peak LE can in terms of Red Book specs. Suggestions?

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Toast 8 is not a pro mastering app. It does not have provisions for saving a text file for printing the PQ subcodes. Roxio put some of the Jam features into Toast 8, but they left some of the pro features out. It's sad. I wish Roxio would bring out a new and improved version of Jam, or at least put ALL of Jam's features into Toast 8.

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