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SS Scott, please be my Santa..

Gary Walker


Thought that would get your attention..It's one of the "chapter" guys...Pro HD producing stunning Blu-rays, problem is that I've tried everything recomended to get my chapters to work properly but no go. (chapters go off further I go down the timeline. Using Edius tried the recomended "procoder express option for a pass thru mpeg, set both drop or non drop frames the same etc.etc. Need to get feedback from someone working in Edius and Pro HD with Chapters that are correct. Thanks for all the ideas up to this point..Gary

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to get chapter markers to work ...



under "File", "project settings", "HD Transcoding", I turn on "Convert all compliant video and audio files"


under "File","Preferences", "temporary storage", I have it use a directory I can find and I turn off the "Delete the temporary files every time I exit the application.



Then I "Burn" , "Write Volume".


After DVDit Pro is finished, I replace the original video and audio files with the files created by DVDit Pro in the "temporary storage" area.


The last step is to tell the program NOT to convert all compliant video and audio files"


From this point on, everything works like it is supposed to work.

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Tom, first of all thanks for the quick response, I'm sure I'm not the only one, I'll have time later tonight (or thru the nite) to test things out, Did you get to this point thru trial and error, or has the sun in Arizona just fired my brain..Gary


The "solution" started with the assumption that chapter markers must work with the files DVDit Pro creates for itself. After looking thru all the DVDit settings, I noticed the part about not deleting the temporary files.

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