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IBM wants to show commercials during your DVDs


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27 November 2007 From AfterDawn and DailyTech


IBM wants to put commercials during your DVDs IBM has patented a new concept that will place commercials during the movie you are watching on your legally purchased or rented DVD.


The scheme, which is a terrible abuse of consumers, will allow purchasers to either purchase or rent the movie at the current standard rate with commercial interruption or pay extra money to have it commercial-free.


When the new DVDs are inserted, the DVD player will automatically check to see what type of disc you are inserting and if it is the commercial-infused version, it " will either play embedded ads on the disc over the course of the movie, or connect to the internet to download new ads to embed in real-time into the film."


If the patent is granted, one of only two situations is possible. Either the consumer will see the movie industry as even greedier than they are and sales will fall. There is the possibility however that the consumers will not mind so much and the movie industry will get added revenue from the ads.


What do you think?


Article here.

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I saw that, over at AfterDawn, and it got responses that I would expect to see. :)


What a crock. I buy some releases, the day they come out on DVD. I would sure the hell hate to see commercials added. :( If I need a break to get refreshments, let the dogs out, or for some other reason, I just pause the DVD.


My wife, on the other hand, would like a commercial break, once or twice during our "movie night". :lol:

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