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Burning .bin & .cue



I am using a mac powerbook G4 and Toast 7 and have run into the same problem as jacklyn9999 on this post I downloaded Gumby's SVCD Jelly but the files that are extracted aren't MPEG, they are .iso

I tried draging them to Data/Formats/ISO 9660 but got an error message. I know the file works because I can view the movie in VLC media player. And the files come out as two. How would I then combine them? I am new to toast and really have only used it for the copy feature. On my PC I use dvdshrink, dvddecrypter, or nero but don't know what to do on mac for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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1. Control Click on the Bin file and select "Mount It"

2. Launch Toast and select DVD format

3. Drag and drop the mounted image into Toast

4. Delete any files you don't want

5. Save as a Disc Image to make sure the DVD works.

6. Burn DVD


I wouldn't waste my time with Gumby. If you have a VCD or SVD burned to a disc already, you can just use Toast Disc Info to extract the MPEG files. If you just have an image, the above technique will work. You can do this with NRG, ISO, BIN and other VCD/SVCD images.

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