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Can't burn to disk image



Does anyone have a clue as to why I cannot burn an audio CD to a disk image - for some CDs?

I can burn CDs that take up only about up to 60% of the disk. CDs full of tracks, i.e., disks approaching 700MB, don't seem to copy. The read/write slows to a sails pace near the end of the process and then stops with some error.


Have a nice day!



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Hi Steve,


It's a little difficult to make a good suggestion when you haven't told us anything about your system and hardware, which program you're using, how you're making the image, or what the error was.


Your CD reader could be having trouble reading the disc, especially if it's an older drive and you're only having problems with discs which are fuller and run further out towards the edge of the disc.


On the other hand, if your system is not very fast your optical drive may be reading in the data faster than they can be converted and written to the hard drive. Your hard drive may need defragmenting if that isn't done regularly. You may have other software resident and running which is consuming the available CPU resources.


I'd suggest you clean out your caches and defrag your hard drive. Get a can of air and blow out any dust you can remove from your CD drive. Make sure your source CD is clean and scratch-free. Then stop all unnecessary programs and processes and try doing this again.


If your drive seems to be having trouble reading the CD, test it. EMC7 has a version of DVDInfo Pro you can use. In the home menu go to Tools > Extras & Utilities > DVDInfo Pro. You'll see a Roxio or Sonic (it can't make up its mind) version of this useful utility.


Click on the magnifying glass icon, and test read your CD. You should get a result which flags any read errors on the disc. Click on the RPM button and run that test. If your drive is having trouble and needs to slow to read properly out toward the edge you should see a dip in the graph lines to the right side of the graph. Here's a good disc. The green line is RPM and the yellow one is read data rate.





There are some general suggestions. I hope one or more of them are useful.



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