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HD Export options



I have 8.0 installed and am trying to export .tivo files in their original HD format for editing in iMovie. I've read some previous posts addressing the issue, but it ~mostly~ seems like old information.


I have the -expert~ mode enabled via the terminal command mentioned in other threads that gives me access to MANY more export options from Toast.


So, my question is, what EXPORT option do I choose and what CODEC do I use to maintain the BEST quality HD video? When I select 720p or 1080i (I assume I should keep the same 720/1080 as my original file) the resulting file is in the xxx.xx MB size.... that seems VERY small and I would assume that the resulting file should be more in the multi-GB range that I would edit in iMovie to remove commercials, etc...


I guess what I'm trying to do is really PASSTHROUGH the video and maintain as much quality as possible. If PASSTHROUGH isn't possible, what method do the rest of you use to keep the highest quality possible.





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