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Adding Two Mpg Video Files To Videowave



O.K.--Just received my new EMC 7.5 and completed the update for the retail version. All went well and has been registered.. After checking around to make sure everything looked O.K. I tried my first Videowave production. I have two separate MPG video files that both play great in Windows Media Player.


I opened up Videowave and dragged the first video into the Story Board. Then I dragged the second video into the storyboard. They both are showing O.K. Now I played the production starting from the bginning or first video. All went O.K. including the sound. However, when it gets to the second video location, it plays the video portion all O.K. but the sound is not there. I tried reversing the videos (2nd video first) and still the same thing happens. I then tried just inserting the second video by itself in a new production and the same thing happens (i.e. video plays fine but no sound).


O.K. GURUS---Whats happening here ?? Was all working fine in version, but now in my new 7.5 something isn't right.



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Guest mlpasley
Anyway, as before I just changed the names


My guess would be that it has something to do with changing the name of the files. I know that occasionally people have trouble with the audio preview when they use the same filenames for more than one production. Occasionally it's a good idea to go into the Tools/ Options/ File Control and delete the audio preview files.


Or it might be the gremlins at work. :)

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Well, after sitting here drinking my coffee, I got to thinking that I had this same problem some time ago with my 7.1. I did a search on the forum and sure enough back on January 17, 06 at 7:16 PM I found the answer to my problem. Now that I have 7.5 I am still wondering why placing two very similar video mpg file in Videowave won't work with all the audio.


Anyway, as before I just changed the names and saved them as a different Production after editing them (actually no editing was done) in Videowave and for some reason placing them together in videowave now all works great. These kinds of things just really get to me when I can't figure out what caused the problem. I guess that's the engineer in me. If anyone can figure out why this happened I would sure like to know.



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