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Magnetic media drives not recognized


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Take a look at this.Another to look at is this one.




I am having this same problem. Computer won't recognize magnetic media drives after reinstalling Roxio I am running Windows XP.


So I tried the two suggested fixes above. The first did not help. I downloaded the executable and ran it. But that did not change anything.


I looked at the other suggested fix. That appeared to be a way to upgrade from an older version of Roxio to the version that I already have.


Any other suggestions?

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That seems unlikely. Big coincidence. Both drives (CD and DVD) working OK an hour before doing the Roxio re-install. Both drives not working immediately after the Roxio re-install.


So I think that the Roxio re-install is the problem.


Any suggestions? I sent an e-mail to Roxio tech support. After three days, they replied to say that I was on my own. They do not support their "Easy CD & DVD Burning" product any more.




If you lost your "magnetic media drives", you got some big problems!!!


Roxio has nothing to do with them, it is a program for Optical media/drives.

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