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Two concert ... how to get tracks





I've spent the required hours at this and cannot figure out how to do this.


I've got two hours of concert on DAT. I want to get it into tracks (regions) and into Toast 5 (Jam 5, Peak 3.21). This seems simple ... it is mentioned in the manuals. And yet I cannot get it to work.


I can certainly do this from Pro Tools LE, but I'm trying to avoid doing it that way, by bouncing each individual track.


Reading the documents it seems that I should be able to set region markers on the whole file and then import that into Toast (or is is Jam).


It seems that Peak can do this so I've tried Bouncing the entire file to AIFF. Peak 3.21 will not recognize it as an importable file. And ... Peak it telling me that it cannot import "from CDs" because Quicktime is missing something. Silly me, I was hoping to just get this done. I was not in the mood to spend a day trying to figure out something that i can do the "hard way" in four hours.


Is there a way to set Markers in Pro Tools that Jam/Toast will recognize? I tried but it did not work for me?


Thanks for you help!



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