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Transcoding Video



I have been using DVDIt Pro 6.0 build 604B78A since it first came out. It has been working just fine for me all this time. Now, all of a sudden, when I am creating a DVD, the program won't transcode the video at all. The progress bar comes up, processess the menus and then shows "transcoding video". However, the video is never transcoded and the progress bar doesn't move. I have recently reformated my hard drive but it has worked since then. It seemed to start failing when I used a WMV file instead of my usual AVI files. Now, even when I use an AVI file that I had previously transcoded successfully, the program refuses to transcode.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled 4 times with no improvement.


I have seen posts of higher versions (ie:6.1) out there. Can someone provide a link so I can see if changing the version number fixes this?


Any other suggestions?




Windows XP media center 2005


750GB harddrive capacity (3x250)

Pentium 4, 3.2GHz

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Does your video have any audio attached or are you using a seperate audio track? If the video has no audio attached it will not transcode (at least this is what I've found. I got around this by just including a blank audio track with my video. Also if you can choose what WMV codec to use in your editor, try a different codec i.e. "windows media 9 advanced profile" or other versions.

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