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EMC 10 and transfer of some files from EMC 7



Hi, I just purchased EMC 10 in a local store with no chance to return it. I prefer EMC 7 which I have used for years but I simply cannot re-install it on my computer.

Question: is it possible to transfer some of the old version i.e. EMC 7 into EMC 10?


Help would really be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Unless you're running Vista, 10 and 7 can co-exist with no problem, but 7 will not work on Vista


However, if you are running XP, uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and Media Player 11 as they wreck EMC7 (and 8)


Thank you so much for the fast reply. I shall uninstall IE 7 and WMP which I don't like anyway. Since we are talking about IE 7, why is MS pushing the installing of IE 7 anyway? is it actually better? I was quite happy with vers. 6......


Thank you again,


P.S. I hope that I replied in the proper area because I am new and don't know yet where to klick to send a reply.

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