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Easy Cd Creator / DVD creator Install Loop VIRUS

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I've tried all the forums, Annie, Knowledgebase and any mention of this problem is being covered up. I've filed a Tech support ticket and they only reply "Newer version ar for sale".

I can't even Re-Install the software i bought because it was not filed in any permanent file location for later needs.


THIS IS THE SAME ACTIONS AS A VIRUS. Since ROXIO will not help solve the problem i will send it in to the VIRUS reporting facilities.


I've already purchased 3 copies of version 9 using Me(Alfred Shuryan) and My son(Michael Shuryan). The same missing Installation happend on the first Version 9 and we lost the hard drive. RoXio made us repurchase the software.


This used to be a decent company.


Alfred Shuryan

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Are you asking us volunteers for some help Alfred, or just letting steam off?


If you have a tech problem we might be able to help with, please tell us what it is in sufficient detail for us to try and help you.




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