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Music DVDs distorted...



I have tried this with an Intel Mac mini running Leopard and a G4 running Tiger.


Please read carefully:


I want to make a Music DVD from some of my Audio CDs which I purchased in a store.

I open Toast, choose Audio, and then Music DVD.

I put in the Audio CD, when it mounts I drag the icon into Toast.

I instruct Toast to get the track and album information from CDDB.

Toast then imports the tracks.


Now the problem crops up.


I then click on the edit button next to the album. When I choose a track and play it the audio is distorted. This happens no matter what settings I choose in the encoder setup. I hope I am conveying that the sound is distorted BEFORE I burn the disc and thus before the encoding. If I go into the Roxio Converted Items folder and play the aiff files with Quicktime player the sound is fine. So, something is happening internally in the program that distorts the sound AFTER the audio tracks are extracted from the Audio CD and presented in the "edit" window. If I proceed and burn the disk, the distortion follows with it.


If I choose Audio CD and import the tracks into Toast they play just fine in the preview mode. I can also import audio files of music I have downloaded (legally, I don't pirate). Some work perfectly, others do not in the Music DVD edit.


To me it sounds like the "volume" of the original track is too "loud" and Toast is clipping the audio.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you using 8.0.3? It fixed some distortion issues in Leopard with DVD-MA



Yes, I am.

Last night I got a chance to install Panther on a G3 iMac as well as Jam 6 and Toast 6. Panther comes with Quicktime 6. No problems with this setup. I can't use Toast 7 or 8 on a G3.



I still believe that somehow Quicktime 7 is the culprit. If I use Toast 6/Jam6, Toast 7, or Toast 8 with Quicktime 7.2 the distortion is really obvious with Toast 6, less in Toast 7, and the least in Toast 8.

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I did try using Roxio's Live Chat. The agent just kept telling that my problem is that the music is "copyrighted" and i can't copy it, even for personal use. this is of course just plain wrong. If I buy a, for example, a copy of the Beatles Abby Road I can RIP it into MP3s an use it on my MP3 Player. I can also use parts of Abby Road and other audio CDS to make custom mix CDs. What I can't do is copy all or part of a copyrighted work and give or sell it to somebody else.



Besides, this in no way explains why the distortion crops up between the ripped aiff file in the "Roxio converted items folder and the "preview" (edit) in Music DVD function.

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