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I posted a question here several months ago when Roxio 8 came out and no one had an answer, so I thought I'd try again.


Ever since I installed Roxio 8, about once or twice a day when I came to use my computer, it was basically useless. Nothing would respond. I checked Task Manager and saw that RoxWatch.exe was using 100% of cpu even though I wasn't using Roxio. Matter of fact, nothing was running on the computer except for background things like antivirus and firewall. If I killed the process, everything was back to normal. Since I could not find out what RoxWatch.exe was or why it was doing this, I went into Registry Editor and stopped this function from starting up. Problem solved, well, not exactly. I recently got the newest update and it turned the function back on in the registry. This started all over again. I have seen some other complain about this on the internet, but have never seen an answer.


Does anyone else here have or had this problem? Were you able to fix it? Thanks!


My computer has WinXP Pro w/SP2, 1GB memory, Athlon64 3200+, 128MB nVidia 6600GT video, raided hard drives. I keep background process to what I consider bare minumum. Aside from Windows processes, only antivirus and firewall are running.

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This is part of Media Manager that watches certain folders for different types of media like audio and video files. You can turn it off wtihout adverse affects. Either right click on the icon in the systray and 'stop watching folders' or open Media Manager. THere is a menu option to turn off watched folders.

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