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EMC7 Basic DVD Home Wont Run



After doing an HP system recovery I had to install EMC7 again. It was working before the recovery.


Now, after the installation appeared to finish ok with no errors the "Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD Home" fails to run! No errors are given.


If I try and run Creator Classic it does an install and then after a couple of minutes waiting for that to finish, nothing appears! It does the same thing every time I try to run Creator Classic!


I read in other posts that it does not install with IE7 and MP11 installed so I rolled back to IE6 and MP10 and tried again. I got the same results!


Does anyone have any ideas why I am unable to run EMC7?

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After uninstalling IE7 and MP11 you will almost certainly need to do a repair install of EMC7 - sorry, but there's no way round that one


I uninstalled EMC7, rolled back IE7 to IE6 and MP11 to MP10 and then re-installed EMC7 before posting my question. I get the same results as when IE7/MP11 were installed... No errors, no programs!

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