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Label Creator EMC 10



Really having a problem with .jwl files in EMC 10. I created the label with emc 9 and versions below. They will not open in EMC 10. I get an eror of incorrect paramater. Is there a fix for this? Can you import the files from eariler versions. I am really getting tired of Roxio comming out with new versions and not working the bugs out of what they have already created. I have spent my last dime on upgrades until Roxio changes its corporate strategy regarding product development and customer service.

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I can't reproduce your problem. Label Creator 10 opens .jwl files I had previously created in Label Ctreator 9 and 8.


I only got a message that it cannot open the .jwl file while I had the .jwl file open in Notepad or quickview plus (and I only did that to check which version of Label Creatorwas used to create the file).


One possibilty is if the source material (e.g. inserted pic) used originally is missing or has been moved. Or possibly the style used in earlier versions is not available in 10? (can't remember, but I think they are the same in 9 and 10, at least).

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