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HELP Problem with Bluray Discs

John Gonzalez


I have a major problem with some data bluray discs that are reading intermitenly and I do not know why.


Here is the story, I have about 300 Bluray discs that i have burned quicktime movies onto. We are using these for archival purposes. I also have 3 Sony Bluray pc burners. These discs were burned using Roxio 9 and the media is Sony.

When trying to recover data from the discs, sometimes the disc will not read. I have read from the same disc for instance before and it was fine.


Here are my tests:


1. Try and read a disc that read before on Computer 1 No good

2. Try same disc on computer 2 (same image as 1) No good.

3. Try same disc on computer 3 (same image as 1) No good.

4. Try a completely different PC and it read. At this point I try another disc on this computer and it DID NOT read. Put the original test disc back into this computer and it did not read.

5. Try reading the disc on a Mac using the bluray drive in an external case and it did not read.

5. Burned another test disc (this time on a mac) and it read on all computers.


Not sure as to the problem as these discs worked in the past and there has not been a change to any computer.


Curious note: When the bluray fails to read I have tried to read a cdrom on the same drive and it has worked.




Any ideas?




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To be blunt, none of the Regulars here have a Blu-Ray burner, thus no hands on experience…


You failed to mention anything about HOW you made these discs!


Did you use Creator Classic? Did you specify it was a BD disc? What other settings did you use?


If you put both a readable and an unreadable BD disc in and run the Disc and Device Utility (Classic – Tools) what does it report about each of them?

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