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Samsung’s BD-UP5000 Duo HD Player


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Contrary to published reports, as well as its own Amazon.com listing, Samsung’s BD-UP5000 dual-format high-definition disc player is indeed on track to reach the market in “mid-to-late December,” a Samsung spokesperson told Dealerscope.


The spokesman added that the player “is shipping as we speak, and you will start to see it available at retail later this month.” In addition, the manufacturer-advertised price has been reduced to $799; it was originally announced as $200 higher, but was changed due to “recent activities in the marketplace.”


Samsung had been saying in recent weeks that the player would indeed be arriving prior to Christmas, but as of Tuesday afternoon the Amazon.com page still listed the product as arriving Jan. 15, 2008. Samsung had announced in July that the BD-UP5000 would be delayed until the tail end of the holiday season.

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