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Question on EMC 10 and Vista



I'm looking forward to hear the user experience in Vista with EMC10.


"The only complete digital media suite Certified for Windows Vista, Easy Media Creator 10 provides all of the tools users need to express their digital lives."


I have a question. I have Vista Business and am trying to burn dvd from a digital camera. Will EMC10 allow me to do that. Now I can't. What can I get to burn from digital camera? thanks. tmac51

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In EMC10, bring up the "Videowave" program and add any photos from your digital camera (assume you can transfer them to your computer). Once you have added all the photos, any possible audio you might want and/or video, transitions etc. save it as a (filename.dmsm) file. Then open up "MyDVD" in EMC 10 and add the dmsm file. edit and preview it then burn it to a DVD.



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