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RecordNow Ver 9 with Drag to Disc VER 900B50C.ENU.RNP(D2D32_90)



i have used this product(Roxio) since the first one came out with D2D now the problem i have is i got rid of the old D2D ver 8 for this new one,the problem is it only shows 1 Plextor drive to DRAG to DISC,Why will it not show the other drive? :( help!

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If you have identical drives, D2D will only show one of them.



So right now i have 1 plextor as a ide master/master and 1 plextor as a ide secoundary master only 1 will show?

if i put both in 1 ide master/secoundary will both show or will it be just one?

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Try this pxengine update

**** PX Engine 3.0


It's also found in KB article here:


MMMM well it still does not work and before i got you message i reistalled the RecordNow VER9 and Drag to Disc all of its old programs ie any and all old Roxio and Sonic software hoping to fix this problem.and yes i have the most current firmware for my Plextors (2) each PX-716A

Thank you for your help Larrry.

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Since the last time it worked, did you download, or allow Windows auto-update to download, Internet Explorer 7 and/or WinPlayer 11?




PS: the only thing I consider Drag2Disc good for is losing data, altho it can be used for transferring files when the original is safely on the originating computer. It is NOT a program for long-term archiving.

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