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How do I add "Artist" and "Venue" to Discs ?

Deadhead Ed


Went from Roxio Creator Classic to Sonic Digital Media as a burning program


In Roxio, before adding tunes to the burn, you could put in a Title (Venue) and an "Artist Name".

This was burned to the Disc prior to the songs and would display on Car CD players

with a faceplate display. In Sonic, there is no option for this. How do you get the Show and

artist information on the disc ??


I'm a visiting Deadhead from the PhilZone.Com Thanks.

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Did you buy Sonic Digital Media or was it included in a new computer or with a new optical drive you bought? If the latter, it is an OEM Version [Original Equipment Mfgr], and you would need to contact the supplier, who contracted to support the program when they bought the rights to use it. Usually OEM Versions have reduced functionality compared to the Full Version.


If you do have an OEM Version, it might be better to put your older Roxio Version back on, altho I suppose that depends on HOW old ... :huh:



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