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3 DVD burning issues



Hi! I am trying to make my first DVD-R disc using MyDVD Express. Ultimately I want to make a DVD-R using video which I will import from my mini dv camera. But first I wanted to test the program out by bringing in video from DVD-Rs I have made mostly from VHS tapes. The first one seemed to be going okay. I brought the video from the DVD-R into the computer ("Add New Movie"). This took up maybe about 70% of the available disc size so no problems there. But when I tried to bring in more video, a short piece to add to it, it just wouldn't work. I tried bringing it in direct from another DVD-R I had made, and then tried again by using another program to put the files on my hard drive first and that wouldn't work either. So I ended up just burning the first thing only to disc. I did it by using the program to make an iso file on my hard drive, then used another program to burn the disc. Then I tried doing a second project. Only this time, after bringing in the video from a different DVD-R, when I went to preview it it was the previous video from before! I tried rummaging around a temp file and deleting what I thought might be the previous video files but to no avail. Now I can't get it to preview anything new, it just keeps showing the same first one. And the final cherry: I just played the first finished DVD-R and there were no chapter stops and no sound! Is there some kind of more detailed instruction manual available?

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I appreciate the fast reply, sorry for the vagueness. Well I am going to try capturing the video from my mini dv camera and see what happens. I did think it was strange that the first thing I tried played fine from the program but had no sound on the final burn. What I ultimately want to do is make 2 DVD-R discs. One is an original feature-length documentary I shot, the other the "extras". So if it the doc loads and I can make a semi-decent menu I'll be happy although setting some chapters and having a seperate chapter menu would be nice. The second disc with the "extras" are also all sourced from things I shot on my mini dv camera but are on seperate dv tapes. None of the bits need to be edited together, just loaded in as seperate entries so they can be accessed individually on the menu page which it seems this program should do. I may go ahead and upgrade to the full version but I need to try and get this project done very quickly and I don't know if I have time to learn another new program at this point. And even though this is the stripped-down version it should still do what it's supposed to.

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If we give out Starts for Vagueness, you would get plenty…


The Red Box is a cut down version and simply cannot do what the full priced version can.


MyDVD Express in particular is what it implies, Express! It has no provision for creating chapters or even editing (beyond trimming the ends of a clip).


It will allow you to bring in multiple clips under 1 Title or bring in multiple clips as individual Titles.


The files you couldn't bring in were either non-standard files or files you don't have codecs to run. (the error messages would have been a nice touch there)


It would seem that your editing needs exceed what you can do with Red Box version. You may want to see if you can take it back and exchange it for the full Suite version.

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