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"the drive is busy..." when copying DVD



Recent iMAC convert, using Toast 8.0.3, made DVD of VHS tape using Roxio. When I tried to duplicate it (COPY DVD), part way through the process, after it had read the DVD, and just before it was to go to next step to record onto blank, DVD, received error message " The drive is busy or is in use...", but I was not doing any other activity on the iMac.


Any comments appreciated,


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I'm presuming you're doing this with one drive. What I suggest is insert the source disc and select it in the Copy window. Then choose Save as disc image from the File menu. When the disc image is finished eject the source disc. Then select the disc image using the Image file setting in the Copy window and burn your copy or copies.

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Thank you Tsantee. You asked to know if your suggestion worked. It did work after a fashion, though for some reason when I clicked on the source disc after inserting in in the drive, the "copy" option wasn't active in the File menu. So, I used disc utility, clicked on "new image" in bar above, created image, saved it in docs, then put in blank disc, created burn folder, dragged created image into it, and selected "burn" icon in tool bar above and burned new disc. Works fine.


Am disappointed though that the Roxio program wouldn't do it for me. Slow process, 15-20 minutes to create image and 10 minutes to burn, but guess that is inevitable.


Thanks for your advice

jmartin in Portland,OR

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