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bad language on disk



Help!! i have a recording studio, i burned final mixes for a vip client, on 3 tdk discs ( audio infomation only,not rewritable discs). the client has a home stereo setup through out the house that displays the title to the songs as they pull up(and pictures)-high dollar. When he put the 1st disc in, it displayed extremely graphic cussing titles of the songs and a picture of a naked woman.The next 2 discs didnt contain it. All 3 discs were burned at the same time on the same computer, using toast 6.01.TDK said its not them,APPLE said its not them. Can anyone help me!!! Anyone ever heard of this happening?, Could it be Toast(but then why wouldnt all three discs have contained the same info).Might it be somethig corrupt on his home system?

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Were these burned as audio CDs? If so Toast burns CD Text info by default to the disc which can be read by home and car CD players that have CD Text capability. The CD Text info is text only and it is a listing of the track info.


Computers don't read CD Text so they get their track info by downloading from CDDB based on a match for the number of tracks and track length on the CD. Possibly the high-end audio system can download CDDB info and that's the source for the disgusting material. The graphic may have come from a match of that downloaded CD's title with album art from another site.


That's my best guess because there is no way that Toast could burn that to the disc without your knowledge. What you could do is add another track that's silent for a few seconds so that it no longer matches the offensive CD someone uploaded to CDDB or similar service.

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