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TivoToGo asks for licensed copy



This is my first attempt to download something from my Tivo to my computer with TivoToGo.

The transfer seemed to work fine but when I clicked on the Play button I get this message:

(You need additional software.- To watch your programs you need a licensed copy of Toast 8 Titanium. )


I have just read the other posts about this problem but the fixes don't work for me.


I don't see any extras menu to run the video from

When I click on Toast to open it all I get are the Extras like Tivo Transfer, Spin Doctor etc. I don't get the Toast Main window .

I can't seem to get to the Help window to run the assistant.


I decided to try and reload Toast but it won't let me do that either, it says I don't have the proper privileges again.

This is frustrating :angry:

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Well I think I have it working at least to the point where I can watch on my computer the recording I transferred from my Tivo. I did find that I had to choose the video from the Extra menu for the recording to be recognized. I guess that was why I couldn't find the Extras menu the Toast app. didn't load the first time.


I trashed my original Toast and emptied the trash and then reloaded it from the CD again.

I noticed when I dragged the Toast icon into the Applications icon that it said it was transferring 6 items. However after it was finished I saw there were only 5 items in the folder.

They were the Toast app. and 4 extras ( Spin Doctor- Disc Cover- DiscCatalogmaker- MotionPicturesHD.

The 6th item was missing and I think it should have been TivoToGo app.


I replaced the TivoToGo app. Which I had decided to keep when I trashed the old Toast folder because I didn't know if I would lose my recording if I trashed that too.


It looks like my original problem stemmed from the fact that the Toast app. didn't get transferred when I dragged the Toast icon into the Applications icon the first time I tried loading the program.

Can anyone explain why it is only doing a partial transfer.

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