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Usual Problems With Install/uninstall



Hi to all - I have what I consider the usual problems I read about here but more like all of them combined. Here is the history:


Used EMC 7.5 for 6 months - few problems (although it's like driving a golf cart to the grocery store; does the trick but it would be nice to have a lot more options other than just get the job done)


Upgraded to EMC 8 for DL capabilities mainly


Kept 7.5 as per recommendations of 8.0 installation because I had projects under construction


8.0 was cumbersome to me, particularly the VideoMaker with adding layers of audio in specific locations, so I uninstalled it. I found LITTLE compatabilty between 7.5 and 8 EMC in general, and practically no advantage at all with having it. There must have been some common files because 7.5 no longer worked properly after uninstalling EMC 8. (AVI files were not recognized in DVD builder 7.5 any more and making AVI's were not compatible with WMP 10, or WMP Classic or WINAvi converter or Blaze Media Pro which I use often). No problem right? Uninstall and re-install 7.5 should take care of it. Uninstall went fine, but install hang up with the "Insert CD:" <nothing after that, it was looking for Content CD > At this time in the installation I believe the DVD drives were not recognized and the Content CD was never recognized, so I had to abort installation. SEVERAL tries through numerous days and re-boots w/ same results. MS Installation Cleanup did no good - Roxio did not show up on the list so there was nothing to clean up. RoxiZap did nothing but make my Registry Mechanic work overtime with 2200 errors to fix.


Like another poster, I put the install files on hard drive and installed from there which went well, but all kinds of errors when I tried to run EMC AND both of my CD-DVD drives were AWOL (term use for Grandpa Bruce's benefit, he should love it) Uninstall EMC 7.5; no problem, but both CD's DVD drives still AWOL <can't initialize driver - error code 37 on device manager> I am going backwards in getting any EMC to work for me!


System information:

AMD 3200 Athalon 754 64 bit processor 2.2 GhZ - Desktop

Windows XP SP2 all updates - not using XP 64 bit version

2 Gig RAM

More hard drive space available than I need to open up a Super Wal Mart in

128 MB Radeon 9200 SE video

AOpen 1616 DVDRW/CD RW

Sony CRX 300E CD RW/DVD reader

no Nero or anything else that I would think is interferring (remember, EMC 7.5 USED to work fine a few weeks ago and I can't recall adding anything since then - I even took off that Britney Spears video!)


All I want is my little EMC 7.5 golf cart back! At least long enough to finish my projects that I have a lot of time developing. It may not be exciting to use, but it did work (which is a lot more than I can say for Nero "the virtual computer bully" because it takes over everything on your hard drive and half of your kitchen too if you don't watch it. Good thing I have a very loyal dog, otherwise I'd be calling her Nero if those Germans had their way) :)


Thanks in advance for your help. I'll be away on vacation until March 23 but I should be able to check back periodically.

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