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Trouble with Menus and Chapters

Pittsburgh Ray


I am new to Creator 9 and I am having some difficulty with the menus and chapters on my first project. My project consist of 4 video clips, each one is preceeded by a photo with a title on it. I have set up a "Main Menu" that has 2 buttons on it, one for playing the entire cd (all 4 videos with title screens) and one for the sub-menu that list each clip seperately. For each clip I have tried to set it to return to the sub-menu when the selected clip plays, but it just continues playing the entire video. In the "After Playing" drop down menu I selected the sub-menu, but it still keeps playing. Each clip is set up as a chapter and I put breakpoints in the timeline display. How do I get the DVD to return to the sub-menu after playing a selected clip?


My other problem is when I select a clip to play from the sub-menu, it shows a quick 1 second shot of the first clip from the very beginning of the video. This happens on all 4 chapters, what am I missing here. Are both problems related? Am I suppose to mark the ends of each chapter somehow?


Thanks for your help. This forum has many great tips on it, I need to take the time to read through as much as possible.

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Regarding chapter


Chapter - the behavior you described is no different from what you see in commercial DVD. If you press the Next button, it goes to the next chapter of the movie and plays till the end. Chapter is just a point in time in the movie where you can skip to (Next) or goes back to a previous chapter (Back).


From your description, if you want to watch each clip separately, you have to create a production for each clip (in case you need to add some effects/audio, etc) and bring all 4 productions into MyDVD as 4 separate titles. This will create 4 separate buttons in the menu.


If you want to have a single button to play all those 4 titles, select DVD Menu from the menu bar and choose Add New Unlinked Button. Right click that button and select Show Settings. Then in Go to under the Link section, choose All movies on menu or All movies in project.

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