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The Joys Of Vinyl


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LPs hold their own in a downloadable digital market


published March 10, 2006 6:00 am



ASHEVILLE — In an age of digital music, compact discs, Internet downloads and iPods, it might be surprising to know that vinyl records are still around — and so are the so-called “vinyl junkies” who love to collect them.


In Asheville, there are at least half a dozen places to buy new and used LPs.


Here, vinyl records continue to hold their own among a surprisingly broad audience — college students, club DJ’s and aging audiophiles — who simply refuse to let the medium die.


“An increasing number of kids in Asheville have gotten in to vinyl, especially classic rock titles — Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, that sort of thing,” according to Jonathan Rhoden, owner of Voltage Records, downtown. “It’s a cyclical thing. I think they’re into it because of the nostalgia factor.”


For some, vinyl records complement the digital music that’s already out there on the Internet. Chris Vigliotta of Asheville, who buys LPs and downloads music from the Web, says the computer has helped expose him to a lot more music, but he still finds a place for vinyl in his collection. For him and others, it feels like returning to the roots.


Just listen to that baritone voice of Johnny Cash on one of those early Columbia LPs, Rhoden suggests: “That’s a natural sound. The CD just sounds thin in comparison.”


The rest of the story.


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Interesting article. There was a similar story in our local paper a few weeks back about 2 stores in New Orleans who have seen more people asking for records to replace what they lost in the hurricane. One store was even trying to make a few buck cleaning those that got water damage.

Ebay has a slew of them for sale too so there is certainly a market for them. Mine are kept safely stored away.

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