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Folder rename on MP3 CD



I am burning a MP3 cd with all 3 albums from Katie Melua on it. One album is named Pictures. When I drag the 3 albums to the Roxio Toast screen, the name of the Pictures folder translates to Afbeeldingen. Afbeeldingen is the Dutch translation for Pictures. When the MP3 cd is finished the foldername appears as Pictures in teh finder.


Anybody ideas of this is an Apple translation problem or an Roxio problem?

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If you would try, the same thing happens on the folder names "Desktop", "Applications" and "Documents", they get translated too. A select few Mac OS X folder names get translated on-the-fly, when they need to be displayed. These folder names are in English, no matter your OS language.

It's not really a problem when your MP3 CD turns out correctly, albeit a bit confusing.

If they didn't translate it, a data backup of your "Documenten" folder would be "Documents", which would be confusing the other way around.

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