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Set a photo as background in MyDVD



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7 Questions: please answer them as best you can. Cheers.


I would like to only have a photo as my background for each slide from main to sub menus and to the end. I do not want any motion or audio, just a digital photo.


1. I am correct in saying that the theme background takes up more memory than a photo?


I am using the Africa theme and I looked at properties and it took up 9mb.

2. This would 9mb apply for each slide in the project? If I change to a photo will it reduce the mb usage?


3. If I just replace the back ground with the photo, will the theme remain in another layer underneath the photo?

4. I would still have to remove the audio associated with the Africa theme?

If I make these changes I don't see any change in the disk capacity.

5. Should I?


My current project is over the HQ disk limit (i dont want to compromise on video quality) and I need to fit it on one disk.

6. Is there any thing I should know about reducing the features of the project to make more space on my disk?


7. Is there a way to fit more that 4 movies per slide?



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My current project is over the HQ disk limit (i dont want to compromise on video quality) and I need to fit it on one disk.
Unless your project is REALLY close to the limit, changing the menu won't make that big a difiference. 9MB is tiny when you talking about HQ MPEG 2 files. That's about 1 sec or less of video time.


Make sure the entire length of the video is UNDER one hour. That is the only way you can fit HQ to a disc without losing quality. Exactly how much will fit depends on the video, too. Rapid movement like sports events will not compress as much as family events where most of the subjects aren't moving as much.

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Thanks for the responce. I don't think my burner can do dual layer. And I also want to label the disk with litescribe. So the chances of finding a litescribe dual layer (one side only) that might work with my burner is not likely. My timeframe for this project is tight.

No one makes a DL, LightScribe disc…


You are putting yourself between a rock and a hard place. It is also referred to as 'self induced failure'.


Burn the DVD to ISO at HQ.


Burn the ISO to a RW disc, using Copy and Convert, and put it in a player. What does it look like?


Now delete enough stuff to fit and burn another RW at HQ. What does it look like?


My bet is you won't be able to tell any difference.

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