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Will it search EACH song?



I've used Roxio before, but the version I had doesn't work with Vista and my music library is on a Vista machine now...I think it was Roxio 7.5.


Before I bite the bullet and fork out the money for another program I need to know this one thing...


When you insert a compilation disk WITHOUT ID tags, will Roxio search for each individual song through Gracenote/other db or will it only prompt me for user input?


I had a label program once that did it & I was wondering if any of the multi purpose programs had caught up with that.


I really liked the Roxio I had before, but if there is another program out there that will do what I need, I'll have to go with that one instead.

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In Tag editor, if you have selected a group of music files, it will search for each one separately. However, depending on the track, you may need to give it a helping hand by typing in some info, such as song title or artist. Otherwise it might retrieve the wrong info or not find a match (of course it may also happen that the info is not in its database at all).

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