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Another Rollback Thread



I've tried most, if not all, of the suggestions on the board. No joy here yet, with about 20 hours invested.


Anyone have additional suggestions before I add back AV, firewall, & anti-spy?



The system is a CyberPowerPC AMD Athlon 64X2 4800 w/ 2GB memory.


C Drive is 160 GB, w/ 123 GB free.


ATI Radeon X700 Pro graphics (256 MB)


Additional config info available if relevant.



Have tried installing from DVD drive, as well as from E: drive (320 GB w/ 245 GB free).


Always running clean installs, after uninstalling previous versions (used to have v. 8 running) with Control Panel applet and/or JV Power Tools, removing all mention of Roxio and Sonic from the registry. Also tried EMC 10 Remover tool.


Tonight I tried downloading the latest MS Installer and rebooting, plus all of the above.


Of course, all installations are without the antivirus, firewall, and antispy software: they have been uninstalled.


Always get to about the end of Media Manager install, then start the roll back.


Now cannot re-install EMC 7 nor EMC 8 either. Both of those hit a point where they complain of insufficient rights to a CLSID key in the registry, then commence uninstall.


Almost every try with EMC 10 ends with the NTLDR error. I can copy the ntldr and ntdetect.com files from c:\windows\i386 to c:\, then copy a saved copy of boot.ini to c:\ to avoid the boot error. If I forget to do that, I have to boot to the CD, manually copy the ntldr and ntdetect.com files, then execute bootcfg with the \rebuild option to create a boot.ini file. I’ve gone those two routes probably a dozen times each.

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A little confusing… Your thread title "Another Rollback Thread" would indicate you are running Vista as XP has no roll back during install…


Yet you claim you are hitting the NTLDR problem which cannot exist in Vista, indicating you have XP…


In either case if you look at the top, John has posted solutions to both problems. But you will have to follow the instructions to the letter.

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