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Printing DVD booklet



I don't have a printer at the moment otherwise i would test this out. When you design a DVD booklet there are two sides. The left side is for Chapters and the Right is for the Title. Is the left hand side the design for the inside of the booklet and the right side is the front of the booklet? If yes, when printing I would have to print one side and then flip the page and print on the other side? Can this also be exported and printed too?



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On plain paper, at least, it prints both together. So if you fold the paper, depending on which way you fold it you get front and back page or inside left and right pages.

You can see that in the preview on the print page.


If you first do the front/back pages, you can of course go back into label creator, design the inside left and right pages (e.g. with descriptive text, or whatever, you can of course delete any of the default smart objects, such as trackl list or image, etc.), then flip the paper in your printer to print those on the same sheet of paper.


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