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HELP is Toast 7.1.3 needed for !0.3.9 PPC G4 iMac?



i am a Registered User.

I have been using 7.1.2 Toast for a while on an old flatpanel iMac (1GHz G4, 768 RAM). I keep it at 10.3.9 because my dumb inkjet DC/DVD printer doesnt support it's disc print software on 10.4 and beyond.


Anyway, the machine is very reliable (if not particularly fast) burning DVD-videos of AVI files and creating DVDs from Mini-DV camcorder clips at Toast 7.1.2. The machine is not used for much other than gathering and processing video files.


I downloaded the Toast 7.1.3 update and tried a new AVI expansion to dvd-video, and it crashes repeatedly during the encoding process.

I restarted and did a disk utility repair permissions. no help.


Now I want to go back to the "familiarity" and working version of 7.1.2. How do I wipe away all the offending 7.1.3 update and get back to a usable configuration?





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You can have multiple copies and versions of Toast on your hard drive. Unfortunately, Roxio removes previous updaters when they issue a new update. Maybe you saved a copy of the 7.1.2 download from an earlier time and can apply it.


Something else you could try is to trash the Toast plist and prefs files from your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast 7.1.3 to see if that can make it work without crashing.


If you need the 7.1.2 update you'll have to contact Roxio or a friend who has a copy.

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