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Uninstalling EMC9 Before Installing EMC10

Grampa Dave


After using EMC9 since it came out, with very few problems I might add, I have decided to purchase EMC10. After reading about all of the installation problems encounter by some users I have decided to follow one of the posts recommendation to completely remove EMC9 from my PC.


I started by going to (Windows XP Home) Add or Remove only to find that Roxio was not there. I thought that I would download and install Microsofts Installer Clean up Utility, of which after installing it I again could not find Roxio.


Yes I do have EMC9 on my PC and it runs just great.


I guess that I have two questions.


1) Is there any way that I can force Windows XP SP2 the recognize that I do have EMC9?


2) Can I uninstall EMC9 manually and if so please tell me how?


I have copied instructions from this web site on how to remove EMC from the PC. It however tells me to use Add and Remove as well as the Installer Clean up Utility. It does however tell me where Roxio and Sonic reside on my PC. If I follow this portion of the uninstall including editing the registry, will this completely remove EMC9 from my PC?


Any help would be great.



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Thanks Frank for getting back to me. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.


I decided to try a reinstsall of EMC9 to see if that would correct the Add and Remove problem that I had. EMC9 would not reinstall untill I allowed it to remove the original version that I had, then it reinstalled updating the ad and remove as well. I then decided that Vista is no better than XP so I allowed EMC10 to install without removing EMC9. All went very well and both work just fine.


Thanks Again

Grampa Dave :rolleyes:

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