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Installing ECDC version 5 in XP


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Version 4 will not work in XP, but Version 5 does not need to be "coaxed" to run in XP.


To install version 5 into XP :


1) You must not have "upgraded" Internet Explorer to version 7 or Windows Media Player to version 11 - both these "enhancements" break early versions of Easy CD Creator


2) You should have previously downloaded the large updater which fits your version (Basic or Platinum). If it helps, OEM versions are Basic, and the Basic updater is 11,626,143 bytes. The Platinum updater is 19,208,239 bytes.


3) There is a drive recognition patch, driveup.5.3.5v.exe, 883,627 bytes. The one version does both Basic and Platinum. Apply this patch afterwards if your drive is not recognized by the software.


4) Method:

-Install from CD, ignoring any 'compatibility' complaints from XP. Don't reboot

-install the large updater, and then reboot. [this prevents XP from seeing the earlier version ECDC drivers running]

-apply the DriveUp patch if necessary.




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