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Output format for playback



This is not a Roxio problem but I am requesting some help and advice . I am now running EMC10 on Vista. Previously had EMC7 on XP and I was able to output the file in a format that worked but now I cant seem to find the right format in EMC10. Honestly cant even rememebr what it was in 7 but I know I had one that worked well


Here is the situation . I create movie slide shows that I stream to my wireless DLINK media player in the living room. Here is the link to the media player : http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=1&pid=387


You will notice the various formats under the video column that are supported. Not for the life of me can I find a good match up in EMC10 as the output. Only one came close and it was a generic MPEG2 I think and the picture was great but the sound horrible.


Any guidance or tips would be most appreciated




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