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Can't Burn Audio CDs Anymore



Hello All:


Yesterday, it was necessary to update the BIOS on my Dell 8400 from ver. AO3 to AO9 - further, I had to have a service tech install a new power supply for my box. Today I tried to burn an audio cd for my wife (have done so before), but after adding 9 titles to the playlist, when I hit the BURN button, I got the message that DEP had shut down the program (I'm running XP w/SP2). I then added CD Creator (All the Roxio programs are now checked, btw) to the list of "allowed" programs, rebooted, and attempted to burn the CD - now, I just keep getting the message that Roxio has encountered a problem and the program shuts down.


I have even tried a system restore to see if that would roll back the old BIOS (I'm no computer guru - apparently that won't revert back to the old BIOS version) -


I AM able to burn data DVDs, and I can still burn audio CDs through Windows Media Player. Can't figure out what the problem is....


Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

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Try the PxEngine fix: Here


But with the rollback and other steps, you may have to do a Clean Install: Here


Thanks for your response James - I'll give 'er a try - also, fyi, I found another post in the archives re using Music Disc Creator - I tried it that way, and it does work for me - finally, it may have something to do with IE7 (that I have), also discussed in these archives - can't remember if I've burned since installing it over IE6, though....

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With all of the trashing around you have done, change BIOS, use RollBacks to try to fix something that it cannot possibly fix and no telling what else, frankly I find the whole thing a little scary!!!


I strongly recommend you stop looking for a simple solution and just do the clean install…

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