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Roxio Creater DE - not all files being copied



Confused - am I missing something?


I have the above version of Roxio, and I'm trying to create a backup data disk of my Documents folder.

It appears that not all the subfolders or files in the Documents folder are being copied across (they are not hidden or system files)


eg My documents Folder contains 9 subdirectorys, but only 8 subdirectorys are loaded for copying 'Adding Folders' in Roxio.


Is it something to do with the dates folders and files are modified?. I notice that the date of the missing subfolder is the most recent (was modified on 19/12/2007). Also 2 files in the Documents directory dated 19/12/2007 are missing in Roxio.


My computer has the correct date and time set.


Many thanks

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Thanks for that James.


When I look at Tools, Options, Data, I have the following file systems as options, ISO + Joliet, (the default), ISO + Joliet + UDF or ISO Level 2. I tried changing this to the latter two but still have the same problem.


There was a warning message: ' One of your selected files could not be added to the project' but having read a previous post about this, I understood this to be about hidden files?


Excuse my ignorance (new to Roxio), but what and where is Validate and Bridge?


Any further help gratefully received!

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