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Does DVDit Pro HD capture from an HDV camera?



I have used DVDit Pro HD several months ago but I haven't used it since. I cannot for the life of me recall how I got the video from my camera into DVDit Pro HD. I'm using a Sony HDV (HDR-HC1) via firewire to a Vista PC. I've perused the progam and I cannot figure it out. My version is 6.3 6311B11A.


I know this is going to be simple - but I give up!


Whoever can help - THANKS SO MUCH!!


P.S. I've seen different versions of the software - how do I upgrade? Typically you find "Update" under the "Help" menu, but its not there on this program.

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You can't capture you video with DVDit PRO HD- which is good.


You need to capture with an NLE of some sort. Vegas, AVID, EDIUS, Premiere etc.


NO WONDER I COULDN'T FIND IT :blink: I have none of those but I do have Creator 9 (I think by Roxio), will that import HDV video? It's all starting to come back to me now - I think I DID use that...maybe.


actually 11A does work on Vista


that would be the 11a that I have? It seems to work fine so far....

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