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I want to burn a DVD movie from Video_TS folder. I can't figure it out with this software!




I've read a bunch of other posts and haven't found one that matches my needs...

So, I have backed up some of my DVDs to my desktop in the form of folders that contain the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files from the original movie DVDs. These folders have the exact same names as the disc images of the original movie DVDs.


I want to burn these folders onto new DVD-R discs which will play on my stand alone DVD player as well as in my computer, just like the original movie DVDs.


The 40$CAN question is: where in this program is the application that allows me to do this? I've searched everywhere.


I just want to drag these movie folders into the program and burn them. When I tried to do this with the Drag and Drop window, it burned the folders like Data files but named the resulting disc 'Roxio1'. Inside 'Roxio1' was the movie folder (for ex. 'STAR_WARS') and inside the 'STAR_WARS' folder was the Audio and video_TS folders. But the thing obviously didn't play on my stand-alone DVD player...


How do I make the data disc (which is UDF compliant) named 'STAR_WARS' instead of 'Roxio1' and contain the AUDIO and VIDEO_TS folders, instead of the original movie folder?


Ah, the joys of DVD ripping...


Thanks for your help!

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Besides, Drag2Disc will NEVER result in a disc that is in the DVD Video format.


I've just been watching a DVD created with Drag to Disc, on my set-top player.


Goodvibes88, the answers you need are on your other topic.




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Sorry - you can't make copies of commercial DVDs - it's not only impossible due to copy protection, but is also illegal


Guys, I'm not talking about commercial DVDs here. I'm talking about DVDs that I have mastered myself in DVD Studio Pro (a program associated with Final Cut Pro), which has provided me with a Master DVD folder, inside which are the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.


I'm not talking about pirating discs, I'm talking about burning DVDs of DVD movie folders. I mentioned STAR_WARS only as an example of a title for a DVD movie folder.


Easy CD and DVD is supposed to be able to burn DVD movie folders but I can't for the life of me figure out how. And now that I've looked at the program more closely I see that my installation is missing the 'DVD Copier' application. I have no idea why.


Unless it is there in the computer and needs to be 'activated' in order top appear, like it says on the box...


This program is giving me a headache! It isn't doing what it is advertised as doing: 'Back-up your media and data files to CDs, DVDs, and dual-layer DVDs!'

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