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Disc Copier is?




I have been having some of the same issues others have described...and am willing to try the tips and tricks as well as some other suggestions. I suspect I will be sucessfull now that I know more from this forum which I found today. Problem is folks keep mentioning using "Disc Copier" but what exactly do you mean? Do you mean Creator Classic to "burn" the iso file, as I read on your web site...or do you mean using a drag and drop as one does for a straight data file? ;) I personally didn't see a Disc Copier on the menu for Programs/Roxio Easy Media Creator/Audio/Data/My media...etc. Maybe I'm just not understanding the terminology...but I thought perhaps "copy" was considered a bit different than "burning" an iso file. BTW...I did drag and drop the iso file and had some issues with WMP playing it saying it was protected....and some sort of issue with drag and drop or direct disc. AS a result I went to the web site and read the info about using Creator classic to burn the iso files having more success with standalone DVD players.


I had mixed success burning an iso file to DVD...2 worked....20+ didn't. And those were just the same iso file. Of course, no one mentioned not using Memorex in any of the help files I read from the program or web site. Only today I saw it mentioned in a post. While I have 20+ Memorex coasters, er failed DVD's...I also have some failures with other brands.


Would think that the program help files would mention also to not have antivirus running too. I knew from past experience making iso backups with other programs that I should not be multitasking or any other programs running. But never realized antivirus was an issue. Seems like that should be tagged as a mention for any website support search on the topic of burning failures. But that would be too easy I guess.


Seems like when you least want to deal with a computer/software issue...you will be forced to deal with it...LOL


SOOOO if you'd be so kind as to tell me which program is considered the "Disc Copier"?

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Hi, thank you both sooooo much.


I did know this was a forum for users to help other users.


I did not ask for Roxio tech support on their web site, I simply read the programs help files for MyDVD, VideoWave, Slideshow Assistant, Sound Editor, and I am sure others. When that didn't answer the issue...and having a bit of experience with burning backup files to CD's and DVD's in the past, I went to the Roxio support page and read what seemed to be concerning the issue at hand.


Since I have made it a rule to try and buy software that actually has a user forum available should I need it, I know just how effective it is to have "friends" help "friends". It is always much faster...and "friends" tend to actually read the complaint whereas support requests tend to be long in coming and usually doesn't even hit the issue.


Thank you all for the help! I am defragging while reading other posts and am eager to get a good result soon. Looks like I might need to make it a rule to read the user forums before I buy software, LOL. Since I have used the program for years as an infrequently needed tool for CD's...I decided to take them up on the offer of a "suite" deal last year. Didn't have an issue till I decided to do video DVD a week or so ago. My CD's had pretty good success in the past so I didn't need to look elsewhere for help till now.


Again, Thank You!

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Actually Disc Copier usage is a very simple one - you don't even need to load it up. Simply double click on any iso file on your hard drive and it fires up automatically (unless you installed another program after it and set that as the 'default')

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