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MPEG 2 HD Compliant Stream

Jim Morrison


Hi been trying to import a Mpeg 2 Hd file into DVDIT Pro Hd with no luck . I've tried all the settings describe above can any one help ?

I output from Avid with a Quiktime reference movie full

1920x1080 drop frame Avid DnxHD Codec Millions Colors


I've used the Procoder Settings as Suggested with no Luck . I'm at the point of callling and asking for a refund ,


Here are my settings .

MPEG 2 HD 1920x1080i


Generic ISO MPEG stream

MPEG-2 Elementary Stream

Width 1920

Height 1080

29.975 Frame Rate NTSC

Lower/TBottom Field First


High Quality Encoding

Use Closed GOP (checked)


2 pass

14000 min bitrate (you can play around with this)

18000 max bitrate

14000 low bitrate

Prolile/Level MP@HL

Put Sequence header (checked)

Max Gop Size 15

Gop Structure Automatic \

Picture Structure Always Frame

Use Closed Gop (checked)

chrom 4;2;0

Intra DC Precision 9

Use Strict GOP bitrate control (checked)

Create DVD Compliant File (unchecked)

Use Audio if Exist

Audio Stream Type PCM/WAV

Sample rate 48.0

Channels 2 ch

Bits/Sample 16

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Hi, Jim


As an AVID user myself, I have found a couple of workflows that get my edited product into DVDit Pro. If my timeline is the 1440x1080 preset, I have had consistent results outputting elementary streams. Fuse to a file is the menu choice. I get a video file (m2v) and audio file(s) (WAV) that I have to put together in DVDit, but it works. If my timeline is the 1920x1080 (I'm NTSC.) then the MPEG2 output works better for me. (meaning no errors/hangups.) I have not changed any settings from these presets that came with Liquid. They are as installed.





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are you outputting a program stream or elementary streams? WAV audio will always show as non-compliant for blu-ray. I think you will find with elementary streams those video settings will result in an m2v that passes through without retranscoding. also be aware that the message will still pop up saying the stream is not DVD compliant...as it is not DVD compliant.


by the way, you can also just output a QT reference file from your Avid and then import that into DVDit Pro HD and let the program do the transcode for you...


last comment here. that's a low bit rate for 1080 stuff. I would go with more like 25,000 kbs

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Thanks for the response ,

Yes I'm outputing an elementary stream as my settings show.

The low bitrate comes from trying to make 1 encode for both HD formats and the movie is 108 mins long .

Dual layer HD DVD and single layer disc for Blu Ray .

The main reason I don't allow DVDIT PRO HD encode my movie is that it creates some sort of

transport stream that I can't use with any other software .

Is there a Utlility that will allow me to un mux what DVDIT PRO HD outputs ?

The error I get says it not compliant to both formats dvd +Blu Ray .

Is there a Mpeg 2 HD file that I could download even if it's 3 secs I like to analize the file and

see what DVDIT PRO HD accepts .

Anything I try with Procoder 2 doesn't seem to work even there standard settings for Mpeg 2 HD

Can Roxio help if not

What Can I do to get a refund . I bought the software Yesterday .




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