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I am using EMC 8.0 and recently I noticed that when I am burning folders that have the file Thumbs.db within a folder, that folder gets excluded from the burn.


Thumbs.db is a systems file that Microsoft generates when thumbnails are in a folder. I have tried to stop the excluding of these folders by going to File --> Project Settings --> Excluded File Types and unchecking "Exclude all system files". This does not apparently solve the problem. The method I have found that does work is be able to see Thumbs.db file and delete them. If there many of these, it is really not a realistic way to handle this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you go to the folder in Windows Explorer, change the view options to icons, tiles or list - that way you won't have the 'thumbs.db' files there

The OP is claiming that if the Thumbs.db file is present the entire folder and contents will not be added to a project!


That is absolutely untrue so I am trying to get a little more detail on this…

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