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Track Tags and Album Identifiers




I have been creating a multi-track CD and have looked up the artist, composer, album, etc. info and entered that data on the Track Tags area. Everything looks really good when I burn the CD, but there is no identification information available when it is played. Has anyone run into this problem and how did you fix it? I've tried at least 6 times to burn the CD and be sure that the data was present, but it never works!!


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If you want to check that the CD-Text information you input has been written to the disc, get the free HACP player from any of a great number of internet sites. Here's a link to it on the Free Downloads Center.


This tiny player will see and display any CD text on your disc, whereas most CD players won't. It's less than 200kB and doesn't have nasties or ads.


You may well find you HAVE been writing the CD-Text to the disc, it's just your player doesn't see it.




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