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myDVD didnt install from full version and 9.1 patch wont work



hi im new and have no idea how to do computer stuff


i use vista 32 bit OS and i bought a full version along with my comp when i ordered it from the Dell website

when i tried to install the full version the BDAV plugin wouldnt install b/c it said it wasnt compatible. all i wanted was the myDVD program so i can make my own dvds ....thats y i bought the program...but it never installed =[


everything else was installed but the my dvd program (BDAV plugin?) so im frustrated b/c what i wanted from the program isnt there


i downloaded both 9.1 patches...tried both of them but they both said and ERROR "Setup cannot find a valid version of this software to upgrade. please make sure you are using the correct upgrade version"


i dont know what to do at this point so im looking for some help

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i did a clean uninstall a few times before; before the patch came out when trying to install the full version but i did order a cd with the full version when i bought the comp b/c it gave me an option to buy it...and im not sure if its dell version or not. the title of the cd is "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE" im not sure what the DE stands for either (i have a bad feeling that it stands for Dell edition =[ ) *shrug*


ill try the clean uninstall again and reinstall the cd but i dont think its going to make much of a difference...i just wanted the MyDVD and everything else worked fine (i think)


ill try it again and get back to you in a few days


thanks for your help


(if it is the dell edition and nothing works and theres no solution to this problem, that means i wasted $80+ on this program =[ )

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DE is, as you thought, Dell Edition


However, if I were you, I'd get on to Dell and ask them just why they sold you a program for $80 that wasn't the full suite. The DE version is an 'OEM' one and is supposed to be bundled with hardware and the fact that you paid extra suggests to me that you should have received the full retail version

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there was a version bundled with it. that one was installed with a mydvd but it was like a trial version where i cant customize my menus with the pics and layouts i want... its called "roxio creator & mydvd 9.0 premier"


i bought the full version which said DE instead of premier, so i thought it was a full version....unless i got them mixed up and the premier is wat i paid for... i dont know


the premier doesnt allow me to customize menus or do anything with it, it only comes with a few premade background pics ...etc. and i dont like them...so now i have no idea what i just bought


all i know is that i paid 80$ for something and i cant use it for what i want leading me to waste alot of money and getting lots of headaches

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You've got that backward…


The DE is the OEM freebee and is the cut down version…


The Premier is a semi-cut down version.


Only the one called EMC 9 Suite is the full version and only that one can be updated with the 9.1 update.


I know the Premier version has some limitations but I do not know what they are.


You might want to take this up with Dell, as the software they sold you cannot make use of the Vista update! That would seem to me to imply it is not Vista ready…


In looking at MyDVD and MyDVD Express, I do not understand your other complaint. In the Edit Pane on the left both of them offer buttons to Change Menu Style as well as Change Menu Background.


Background can be any picture you choose!

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